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I have had my Rainbow for 4 years now. It has helped with my asthma and allergies, I can breathe so much easier now. As far as cleaning goes; it is so much easier and faster. I no longer have to dust. The last time we actually dusted would have been 5 months ago. I recommend that everyone get a rainbow whether for cleaning or just to make your house dust free and smell nice, its a great product that will last you years. I LOVE MY RAINBOW!!!

Deoranie S.

We were called by friend to do a favor so he could win an air purifier, reluctant we did it anyway Eva showed up before Greg. Although very professional her enthusiasm drew us into the demonstration. Not only did we find the immense benefit to this product for our family, we knew we had to have one. It was if you were injured and needed to go to the emergency room you have to go regardless of the cost that's what we felt when we saw our rainbow demonstration. How excited we were after we wrote the check that we were introduced to the RTP program; a way for us to recoup all of our money and make money and become a member of the rainbow team. We have since qualified through the RTP program and we sold our 11th demo with the help of Eva, and as promised we were reimbursed all the money plus a hundred extra dollars that we made during the 10 qualified demonstrations we gave prior. Eva was like a soldier with us all the way. Now, as we embark on our new Flash program. We hope to continue our Journey with rainbow, so we can share the most amazing home purification system available today, and give other families an opportunity to experience what we have . Thank you Rainbow.

Lawrence & Krista Factor

“The Rainbow opportunity has allowed us to both stay at home with our kids. So my husband can get to know our kids. Because he was working so much, he felt like he didn’t know them for a little while. So now we both stay at home with our children, and we both get to put them to bed at night. We don’t have to hire a babysitter.”

Eva L.

I love my Rainbow because it helped with my asthma. My kids also love it because the air in the house feels cleaner and it makes cleaning the house a breeze. Most of all, I love the way it sanitizes my mattress and pillows when I clean them on a weekly basis. The Rainmate is awesome for keeping to kitchen smelling fresh while we cook food. The smell of food does not linger and we don't need to use any other sprays or candles to get rid of the smell. We can just add a drop of the fragrance when we want a different smell. It keeps everything in the house smelling fresh and clean.

Adelfa Molina